01PowerTripCute little Indie about an orphan (Ryan Hansen) who finds it easier to “bond” with people in cyberspace than risk losing anyone real.

Unfortunately the cast is filled with TV actors (including writer/director Sarah Smick herself) who are not quite able to modulate themselves for the big screen.

But Smick (collaborating with screenwriter/cast member Ian Michaels) shows real promise as a filmmaker astute to the perils & pitfalls of life online. (JLH: 3/5)

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Top Photo: When we first meet “Michael Harris” (Ryan Hansen), he is a traffic cop who likes to throw his weight around. He stalks parking meters on low and writes tickets the second the “Expired” button appears, even when he can see his hapless victims returning to their car after a funeral!

Then he takes pictures of people screaming at him, and posts the pictures as Facebook Status Updates with juvenile comments like “LOL, Sucker!” (Michael is really into text-talk acronyms…)

Bottom Photo: After one prank too many, Michael is fired, at which point he fakes his suicide and stages a memorial service so he can count the attendees. “People will come,” he boasts to lonely schmiel “Emile” (James Immekus). “I have HUNDREDS of friends on Facebook!!!” Oy 😉

Photo Credits: Courtnay Robbins Bragagnolo

Q: Does Friended to Death pass the Bechdel Test?

No, it does not. There are only two women in the cast (Smick and Angela Bullock) and they never meet let alone talk about anything!

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