MomKQWell-intentioned muddle about a family living in the shadow of 9/11 by husband/wife team Pieter Gaspersz (who directs) & Sabrina Gennarino (who co-stars & wrote the screenplay).

There is a “big reveal” at the end which is foreshadowed from the beginning, but unfortunately the screenplay is overstuffed with ill-shaped characters & melodramatic incidents in the interim. (JLH: 3/5)

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Top Photo: Matriarch “Nora Valentino” (Kathleen Quinlan).

Bottom Photo: Her big perfect family.

Photo Credits: ?

Q: Does After pass the Bechdel Test?


Tags: After (2014), Kathleen Quinlan, Pablo Schreiber, Pieter Gaspersz, Sabrina Gennarino

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