PublicSnowdenEdward Snowden has been a shadow figure since he made the decision in 2013 to release evidence of illegal covert surveillance programs.

In this remarkable doc, we not only listen to him explain himself, we also watch as he determines when, where & how to transform himself from a private citizen into the whistleblower who set off an international media firestorm. (JLH: 4/4)

Documentary directed by Laura Poitras. Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Highly recommended by both me & Rich.


Top Photo: Edward Snowden–in Hong Kong–makes the leap from private to public.

Bottom Photo: Laura Poitras at her computer getting ready to shine light into dark corners.

Q: Does pass the Bechdel Test?


Laura Poitras is constantly filming in the background and sometimes we hear her voice, but we never see her and she never interviews any women.

We get a brief glimpse of Lindsay Mills–Snowden’s companion–at the very end, but Poitras never speaks with her one-on-one, so “Lindsay Mills” continues to be just a name… at least so far…

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