Here is the ultimate romantic comedy: boy meets girl, girl meets boy… tries to call him out as a fraud. The Bounce Back hasMatthew Taylor” (Shemar Moore) as a relationship guru and author of the book,”The Bounce Back.” Matthew’s philosophy is introduced in the  beginning of the film when he  says, “You are the source that you want for your life. It’s about getting over the past, creating that you want, putting that love in your future and then living into the future.”

Women hang onto his every word – except one, a therapist named  “Kristin Peralta” (Nadine Velazquez). She thinks that feelings have to be processed and dealt with as opposed to being wiped away and deems his way as a quick fix and a scam.  (SAT: 4/5)

Review by Senior Contributor Stephanie A. Taylor

The film was wonderfully written by Victor Teran, Youssef Delara and Staci Robinson. Lines  like “without a penis your vagina will soon turn to stone,” said to Kristin by her friend “Sarah” (Megan Stevenson), were fall-down funny. Moore’s shirtless scenes were sexy but not raunchy. “Terry Twist” (Bill Bellamy) is hilariously high-strung as Matthew’s publicist, who pushes for the book to jump ahead in the bestseller list.  

One of my favorite scenes takes place backstage at a talk show before Matthew goes on to be interviewed. Terry tells Matthew that the book has gone down on the bestseller list, while  an edgy producer waits impatiently to take Matthew onto the stage. The producer intervenes by exclaiming, “For the love of God! Will you just come with me please? Just do me this solid!”  

I loved the diversity in this film, which still seems to  be a rarity in Hollywood. The fact that the leading man is African-American and the leading lady is Puerto Rican is refreshing.  

Although Matthew and Kristin disagree, they have one thing in common –  chemistry. But is it strong enough for these two to become an item?  

© Stephanie A. Taylor (12/12/16) FF2 Media

Top Photo: “Kristin Peralta” (Nadine Velazquez) debating with “Matthew Taylor” (Shemar Moore) at one of his seminars.

Bottom Photo: “Matthew Taylor” (Shemar Moore) on “The Love Nation Show” with talk show host.

Q: Does The Bounce Back pass Bechdel-Wallace Test?


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