18May25: The FF2 Week in Review by Jan Lisa Huttner

From Jan Lisa Huttner (Editor-in-Chief of FF2 Media)

Five films either written &/or directed by women filmmakers opened in Manhattan theatres this week:

  • The Gospel According to Andre
  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties
  • In Darkness
  • Mary Shelley
  • Summer 1993

Of these five, I was able to see four. One — The Gospel According to Andre — is a doc. The other three — How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Mary Shelley and Summer 1993 — are narrative features.

This was one of those weeks in which each and every film I saw was a delight – all very different from one another and each one close to perfect in its own way.

So choosing a Top Pick for May 25th is almost a coin toss. But if I have to pick one (and by my own self-imposed rules, I do), then my pick for June 1st is — drumroll pleaseHow to Talk to Girls at Parties .

© Jan Lisa Huttner (5/27/18) FF2 Media

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