‘Adult Life Skills’ shines a tender light our tumultuous world

Anna’s approaching 30, living in her mom’s garden shed, and hanging onto every last memory she has of her late twin brother through the dumb low budget movies they made together that the internet is soon to delete without further payment. However, when her best friend comes home from a glamourous traveling extravaganza, Anna’s hermit lifestyle becomes penetrated and poked at. She is assigned a distressed eight year old boy with a Western fascination, and the local real estate agent who awkwardly pursues her. Rachel Tunnard brilliantly directed/written Adult Life Skills manages to sensitively discuss the effects of grief and helplessness while maintaining a ridiculously witty humor. With an incredible cast of Lorraine Ashbourne and Jodie Whittaker as mother and daughter, Tunnard asks what it truly means to be an adult and if it’s even worth trying to be one. MTP: 5/5

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