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‘Banana Split’ is Slickly Aesthetic and Surprisingly Heartfelt

The slickly aesthetic and surprisingly heartfelt Banana Split is a stellar follow-up to the writer, director, and actress Hannah Marks’ first feature After Everything. It has a lot to say about love, friendship, and coming of age, and comes in a snarky but bubblegum-pop package. (GPG: 5/5). Review by Contributing Editor Giorgi Plys-Garzotto The summer […]


‘Premature’ (2019): Review by FF2 Media

Premature, written by Zora Howard and Rashaad Ernesto Green, is an incredible coming of age film. Seventeen-year-old “Ayanna” (Zora Howard) is a poet from Harlem with big plans to go to a fancy school in the fall. After unexpectedly falling in love with “Isiah” (Joshua Boone), Ayanna is forced to grow up fast as adulthood […]