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Niceole Levy’s ‘The Banker’ Highlights True Story of Jim Crow Era Robin Hoods

Co-writer Niceole R. Levy brings an intersectional feminist perspective to an already progressive story. The Banker brings up uncomfortable realities of race, gender, and class, by telling the story of two men who acted as Robin Hoods for many black Americans during the Jim Crow era. (GPG: 4/5). Review by Contributing Editor Giorgi Plys-Garzotto If […]


A Glimpse into Battling Structural Poverty and Racism in ‘Wrestle’

Wrestle, written and directed by Suzannah Herbert and Lauren Belfer, is an emotional coming-of-age documentary centering on four boys and their struggle for recognition by participating in their high school’s wrestling team, as an attempt to overcome the cycle of poverty they’ve been born into. (BV 4.0/5.0) Review by Intern Beatrice Viri Wrestle takes the […]