Huge Spike in JULIE/JULIA Book Sales!

Photo Credit: Jonathan Wenk/Columbia Pictures.  All Rights Reserved.

Does any right-minded person still doubt what Julia herself would say about Nora Ephron’s new film JULIE & JULIA?!?

Here’s an article from the New York Times about the huge spike in book sales since the film appeared.

So OK, when Julia first found out about Julie’s Blog, maybe she wasn’t so pleased.  Let’s be fair: she was a pretty old lady at that point, Blogs were totally new, & cursing wasn’t her style.  But I defy anyone to tell me Julia isn’t looking down on her prize student right now & beaming with pride!!!  And for anyone who has described Julie as “whiney,” read this line several times: “the art of French cooking is indeed hard to master,” & beg forgiveness.  You know who you are: shame on you!!!

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