10/17/07: CIFF ’07 Closing Night Ceremonies

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     Despite Jan’s horrible cold, we made it to Closing Night festivities @ the Chicago International Film Festival, wearing the t-shirts Cinema/Chicago had designed especially for us last year (well, OK, last year was the 42nd annual CIFF, but still…). In prior years, Closing Night at the Harris Theatre has been filled to the gills for dreck like THE WEATHER MAN, so Jan was somewhat disappointed by attendance for THE SAVAGES, nevertheless the crowd was both large & enthusiastic.

     At the post-screening reception, Jan said to Laura Linney: “Laura, even after 25 years of marriage, my husband would ditch me in a minute if you would take him on!” Without missing a beat, Ms. Linney graciously replied: “And I’ll be very good to him!” Rich blushed, but managed to add: “It’s true. When you’re in a film, we ALWAYS go!” At which point, the three of us chatted briefly, but appreciately, about some of her prior films, especially KINSEY (one of our 2004 TWOZIES).

     Next morning, Jan had a private one-on-one with director Tamara Jenkins (more on that later). Thanks to our film friend Kim Merenkov for great pix of the happy couple!

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