Who is “Cannes”?

Thanks to the terrific petition posted yesterday by Melissa Silverstein, we now have an answer to the question I asked earlier today:

“Who is ‘Cannes’?”

And the answer: Surprise! Surprise!! “Cannes” is disproportionately male!!!

Not only that, but the men on the jury are primarily filmmakers (a more powerful role), whereas the women who are on the jury are primarily actresses (a less powerful role).

Here is the main thing I have learned these past ten years from Martha Lauzen: Don’t look for justifications & don’t question motives. Just keep track of the [dismal] numbers & force those who create them to live with the results.

These numbers really do speak, & sooner or later everyone will finally hear what they say!

Meanwhile over 200 people have already signed Melissa’s online petition, so add your name to this important cause ASAP:


Let’s go viral & hold their feet to the fire!

“Cannes 2012” chart copyright Jan Lisa Huttner (5/16/12). And click HERE for my most recent evidence that, yes, “the gender gap” matters!

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