Making “Change-for-Change” @ AAUW-Illinois (South)

April ’08 Spring Convention Update: I am proud to announce that AAUW-Illinois has donated its “Change-for-Change” collections to the “Inspiring Darfur Girls to Achieve” project. By agreement with AAUW President Ruth Sweetser, AAUW-Illinois contributed approximately 1/3rd of collections to AAUW’s Leadership and Training Institute (the AAUW arm now responsible for all programming initiatives including international programming). Individual branches also contributed to the Global Giving project “Help Build a School for 500 Girls in Sudan.”

AAUW-Illinois members attending the Fall District Conference-South at Richland Community College in Decatur on 10/27/07 had a very full day!

Congratulations to the winners of the “Around the World with AAUW” raffle. The five DVDs raffled off were GRBAVICA (a film from Bosnia representing Europe), THE HOLY GIRL (a film from Argentina representing South America), JAPANESE STORY (a film from Australia), SALAAM BOMBAY (a film from India representing Asia), and SATIN ROUGE (a film from Tunisia representing Africa).  All of these fine films were written AND directed by women!

Proceeds from the 10/27/07 raffle were added to proceeds from the 10/20/07 raffle @ FDC-North.  All money will be directed to the AAUW-Illinois CHANGE FOR CHANGE fund, to be donated to projects sponsored by ONE SHARED WORLD’s GlobalGiving campaign. The projects will be selected by AAUW-Illinois members at our Spring Conference in May, 2008.

This photo above shows AAUW-Illinois members Barbara Zeitz & Jennifer Wilken. Thumbnail at the top shows AAUW-Illinois  International Relations Committee members Teresa Sun (District One) & Amy Green (District Two) posing in front of the ONE SHARED WORLD display. Photo Credits: Jan Lisa Huttner.

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