SLUMDOG Brouhaha: Golden Globes & Next Steps

Balloon from Cow Depot Website.

     Many years back, a wonderful friend gave me gave me a very funny coffee mug.  Side one was a cartoon figure of a woebegone cow.  Side two said: “You’re outstanding in the field!”  Alas, the mug has long since disappeared, but if I still had it, I’d mail it to Mumbai today.  I understand that Loveleen Tandan needs to lay low so she’s not misconstrued as “a troublemaker,” but that doesn’t mean WE don’t see what’s happening here.

     According to last Friday’s Wall Street Journal article, FOUR people holed themselves up some months back & emerged with the game plan for a new film.  Three of them were middle-aged, British white guys.  One of them was an Indian woman.  Months pass.  The film is released, it becomes a big hit, & the Hollywood Foreign Press Assoc nominates it for multiple awards.  On Sunday January 11th, the HFPA assembles in LA to give awards in every top category to the three middle-aged, British white guys, but the Indian woman is nowhere to be seen, & the contributions she made are barely acknowledged

     If YOU think there’s something very wrong with this picture, then please send a message to the HFPA &/or Fox Searchlight (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE’s distributor) ASAP.  If YOU don’t tell them, then they won’t know!  

     Click here to read all of last night’s Golden Globe results. Click here to order balloon. 

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