SLUMDOG Brouhaha: Next Steps?

In response to people who have asked what THEY should do if concerned about “my SLUMDOG Brouhaha.” Please send a letter to Bruce Davis (the Executive Director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) asking why Loveleen Tandan, the credited co-director of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, is not a co-nominee for Best Director?  It’s a very simple question & at this point, I sincerely believe an answer is required.  But we won’t get one unless we ask.

Logistically, my suggestion is that you send a fax with e-mail back-up as follows: Bruce Davis, Executive Director, AMPAS 

cc: Martha Coolidge, Curtis Hanson, & Paul Mazursky (AMPAS Directors Branch) c/o Academy Communications Department 

8949 Wilshire Boulevard

Beverly Hills, California

Phone: 310.247.3090

Fax: 310.271.3395

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